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The UEPAKI story begins in the year 2020, however it was conceptualized back in the year 2018, when the founder, Sahil Mittal realized the strong need to introduce a medium that efficiently serves as the one of a kind platform for aspirants and established professionals. Sahil Mittal brainstormed the idea of a platform as beneficial as UEPAKI to cater to the needs of many. He was soon joined by his co-founder, Charu Jain whose ideas blended seamlessly with his and together formed the amalgamation of what is UEPAKI today.

What is the platform about?

UEPAKI is an online ecommerce aggregator which is typically aimed at offering a platform in the creative interest of individuals for displaying their work online and generates employment. The platform is dedicated to fashion designers, interior designers, graphic designer, makeup artists, photographers and content writers, and bridges the gap between sellers and customers.

Propagating a new age working method

At UEPAKI, creative artists no longer need to indulge in the mundane 10-6 job hours and slog around the whole day for meeting work requirements. Instead, individuals can easily display their work or creations online and connect with potential customers to earn the suitable remuneration. Hence, the new age aggregator of the present times is all about maximizing one’s profit, yet from the convenience of one’s comfort zone and hence promoting a new age work method.

A world of new opportunities

College placements might have been the standstill notion for many, with placements evaluating candidates solely based upon the golden grades received. The undying potential within is simply one of the most important considerations that are left attended to. This brings individuals to step further into a different realm, leaving their own in order to mint money and join the bandwagon. UEPAKI is that light at the end of the tunnel that aims to keep individuals to their creative line of interest and pursue futuristic dreams. It offers aspirants a new world of opportunities to learn, grow while creating a strong portfolio and earning remuneration for the hard work offered.

Dual Earnings

With UEPAKI, we can help you earn a dual opportunity to not only display one’s creations and talent online and earn a valuable remuneration for one’s hard work, but also gain a lucrative opportunity to collaborate and work with the stalwarts of the field.

Branding support

Through our fair competition policy, we help individuals to expand the reach and acquire a strong personalized branding. With providing a limitless opportunity, we ensure our sellers to reach out to the international market, with the best being selected through fair practices.

Global Reach

We host a one of a kind live competition where the artists can participate and reach out to the biggest market needing their services. The competition is completely based upon true and fair means of practices where only the best get selected, based upon the hard work rendered. With the participation held globally, individuals can reach the pinnacle of success.

Uepaki’s Vision

With the dire need to serve as the communicating link between sellers and customers, UEPAKI stands tall as the viable medium between two parties. The creation is believed to be the biggest means for a large number of individuals aiming to realize their dreams and passion and convert them to reality. We aims to be the most preferred aggregator not only in India, but the world with opening up opportunities for individuals all over the world.

Uepaki’s Mission

Our mission lies in offering a platform for every class of professionals, from college pass-outs to an established designer, a mean to explore the world equally. We are not influenced by any marketing strategies; instead propagate a fair strategically working method to uplift local artists and creators on a global platform. We aim to be ‘vocal and local’, an idea that blends seamlessly with that of the present times.

Uepaki’s Values

UEPAKI stands for furnishing a platform that stands for unity, unbiased policies, and upholding highest level of fair practices, within the workplace. We intend to prioritize to put the best of values to the forefront and offer our team mates, our customers and our business partners the best support, guidance and partnership. We also intend to create and build a futuristic team acquiring endless growth opportunities.

UEPAKI has been curated with imbibing the best set of values that promises to churn a futuristic growth. We would like to put our sole energy to helping our sellers and customers maximize their opportunities by offering utmost transparency propagating honest and upright policies.

We seek to connect a seller to a customer while overseeing the communication between two parties. By preaching a fair strategy, we ensure a policy method that aims to offer equal opportunity to all.

UEPAKI allows a fair pricing strategy along with a seamless uniform service experience. We also wish to imbibe our utmost priority towards ensuring the sale of only authentic and original products that adheres by superior quality standards.