How UEPAKI is a Better Online Marketplace for Designers and Artists in The Long Run?

By: Harsha Satyakam | Date : 19 Oct 2019 | Category : Graphic, Art & Web


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Ever since markets have turned immense competitive, businesses have incorporated new means of digital reservations in the name of paid promotions & sponsorships. Your visibility to the audience accounts majorly on how much wealth you are ready to allocate over sponsored ads. Organic advertising which ensures long term success of a brand digital presence is finally losing its existence.


Businesses & Service providers in order to reach potential customers find sponsored ads as one of the very attractive means. At the end of day what actually matter to us is business earned but what we majorly fail to care for are our long-term goals. Though opting conventional strategies for your venture makes sense, considering the drawbacks is also fruitful.


Though, how much you thrive in the world of paid marketing, it will be always the organic marketing that can help you reap the utmost benefits. Businesses and social media platforms sell their paid marketing strategies by promising wider reach, increased engagements, higher conversion rates, etc. These businesses make ample money in a single day through their paid marketing tools, whether it’s about PPC, sponsored or featured ads every single feature contributes major portion of their revenues. In fact, according to Merkle’s Digital Marketing Report, advertising spending on these Social Media Platforms has grown by 400% last year. These companies make more than 90% of their revenues from advertising.


From search engines to online marketplaces every small or big player has an integrated system of paid advertising into their business modules. Either through PPC, marketing campaigns, sponsored ads, paid promotions these businesses bamboozle sellers, service providers & business owners. Whether we talk about the small or big businesses, individual sellers, service providers or professionals everyone is majorly dedicated to these modes of advertising. The soul idea to choose these kinds of advertising modes is to bring immediate results. However, paid marketing never entails long term benefits as consumers have started to catch on. Sadly, thanks to the influencer culture, we see businesses and individual creators give more value to paid promotions and sponsored posts, than to promoting their actual creations.


We often see, small & big businesses, individual creators including big brands, designers, artists, freelance professionals, service providers spend humongous amounts of money on their promotion – offline and online. How visible you are to the customer has a direct bearing on your market performance. Our policies of no paid promotion mean there is an equal stage and exposure for each designer, artist, individual businesses & independent service providers- regardless of their reach or name in the market or brand value.

Online E-commerce Marketplaces, Freelance Portal, Services based businesses often eat up a major chunk of your revenue, in terms of commission and paid promotions. Often designers & artists are charged for the fault of the customer. Driven by their profit-oriented motives, these platforms are only looking for ways to maximize their revenues- regardless of your long- term goals. They have complete control over your visibility, often favoring certain producers over the others. Having no regard for your intellectual property rights, these websites freely allow counterfeit manufacturers to sell copies of your original designs.


As a platform designed for the benefit of designers, artists, individual service providers and creators, our foremost objective is to help you in maximizing your profits and create your own brand value, not just within the country, but also internationally. By providing an equal stage to each and every designer, artist and creator on UEPAKI, we guarantee an environment of perfect competition.

 In order to facilitate the free flow of opportunities, the platform caters majorly to six verticals – Fashion Design, Interiors & Architects, Graphic, Art & Web, Makeup, Photography & Content Writers. Since we aggregate the exchange of both products & services between sellers & customers, we are not like any other freelance or E-commerce marketplace. Join the Exclusive Marketplace today and register yourself for the biggest Live Competition ever. Avail Pre-Registration benefits by signing up today! Check out the Exclusive Platform today.