UEPAKI - Endless Opportunities for Design and Art Professionals

By: Charu Jain | Date : 10 Sep 2019 | Category : Graphic, Art & Web


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UEPAKI is an Exclusive Services- based Online marketplace, designed keeping in mind the needs of Designers, Artists and Primary producers. As an aggregator platform, our aim is to connect the artists and designers present on our platform with potential clients & businesses around the world – from long term projects to freelancing jobs.



In order to facilitate the free flow of opportunities, the platform caters majorly to six verticals – Fashion Design, Interiors & Architects, Graphic, Art & Web, Makeup, Photography & Content Writers. Since we aggregate the exchange of both products & services between sellers & customers, we are not like any other freelance or E-commerce marketplace.


In the current economic scenario where every business is looking to multiply its revenues through paid advertising and sponsored ads, UEPAKI stays strictly clear of it. The whole idea here is to empower artistic & talented professionals to prove their existence by letting them showcase their true potential. Keeping in mind the humiliation young professionals face for lack of practical exposure and knowledge they are able to bring on the table, UEPAKI has formulated a dedicated separate category for freshers & undergraduates.

India being a developing nation has reservations system incorporated deeply into its root from ancient times. With the economy going digital, businesses have innovated digital form of reservations in the form of Paid Promotions & sponsorships.  This is adversely affecting the present ecosystem as individuals are more focused on paid advertisements. In order to increase their visibility & attain high conversion rates, they neglect to lay major emphasis on their artistry skills. With UEPAKI, Live competition cycle- A system of constant competitions, based on multiple factors we vision to create a fair platform for everyone.


How are we different from other platforms? Most importantly, we have a strict policy of NO PAID PROMOTIONS. Our policies of no paid promotion mean there is an equal stage and exposure for each designer- regardless of their reach or name in the market or brand value.

As a seller-oriented marketplace, our aim is to empower Designers & Artists to grab the utmost benefits and scalability. Being a marketplace of Designers made for the benefit of designers, here’s what YOU stand to gain:

  1. The quintessential link to the practical world: Networking and incubating new design trends is a necessity in this highly competitive and growing market. As an aggregator market place, UEPAKI provides an Exclusive opportunity to define your place among renowned professionals by participating in Live competitions on our platform. Our aim is not just to connect you with potential clients & businesses, but also celebrity designers and recruiters and seniors in the industry. An added advantage for students is the ease it offers when it comes to procuring internships and placements.
  2. Integrating the sense of perfect live competition: Our logic is simple- only the most meritorious deserve to stay at the top. In order to implement this, The Competition Cycle. A series of continuous and transparent competitions which decide the ratings of all the designers on our platform on the basis of multiple criteria.
  3. Offering infrastructural solutions to your operational problems: From interacting with your clients to showcasing your work and ideas to prospective clients, let us take care of all the allied operational problems that you have been struggling with till now.
  4. Offline Personalised branding support: Our aim at UEPAKI is to empower the designers & artists on our platform. Those veterans who perform the best in the Competition Cycle will be given support with respect to their own, personalized branding, even in the offline market, detail. 


Examinations at regular intervals not only help candidates acknowledge understand their shortcomings but also to improvise them at the right time. The sense of competition, examinations promote among students will always be meaningful. Just like life tests us every sec, we decided to develop this idea & incorporate it into a system of Live Competitions.

Let’s understand how this works: A transparent system of ratings designed to ensure that only the best designers and artists in each category get the highest amount of visibility. Designers who will outrank others in their category will be promoted to higher levels. After clearing a certain level, the various designers on the platform will also be able to participate in competitions held at a global level. The Competition Cycle is a merit-based, unbiased stage. We want to equip our designers so that they are able to face real-life competition at the international level.


Author Alexander Dumas famously said, “The merit of all things lies in their difficulty”. Followers of the economic concept of Perfect Competition, we believe that excellence in quality should be the only criteria that create any kind of industrial hierarchy. The company founders who are staunch advocates of hard-work & creativity, through their featured Live Competition will be looking to launch it aggressively to other parts of the world as well. This will give Designers & Artists a perfect chance to compete with veterans existing in other parts of the world.