Are you someone who is blessed with a great eye for design? In a world where art is no longer restricted to a canvas, the opportunities are endless. Design, share, get recognised from worldwide clients and sell with no bar earnings- with the correct medium that lets you display your work. From individuals already established in the field to undergraduates or freshers- UEPAKI is your one stop solution. Compete with your fellow designers and get unimaginable benefits. Say hello to a world of advantages with UEPAKI, a one of a kind portal built in mind keeping the needs of freelancers.


As graphic and web designers, the challenges we face are numerous

On completing their requisite education, every graphic artist & web designer faces a cross road, where they must choose between gaining experience with already established brand names, or setting up their own businesses and carving a niche for themselves.

The lack of an equal stage- an undeniable reality The problem arises when you’re asked to sum up all your creativity, learning and practical knowledge into a window of thirty minutes during an interview for graphic designing jobs, or web developer jobs. In a profit- driven world controlled by connections and referrals, securing a job, solely on the strength of your artistic talent and hard-work becomes a herculean task. Your interviewers judge you on the benchmark of your real life experience and practical exposure. Sadly, even after doing numerous internships, students fresh out of art/ graphic-design school often feel themselves at a loss in terms of practical exposure within the company and network building.

The lack of a proper system of categorisation, based on differentiated skills and experience, adds to the problem. With numerous people working in the same area of expertise, the result is unnecessary competition brought about by the scarcity of opportunities and resources, in markets both online and offline.

Carving a niche for yourself- not an easy route either

Those choosing to carve their own niche do not have it easy either. Starting off as a freelancer, there are numerous factors that one has to keep in mind. Maintaining an office or studio comes with hundreds of questions- the location must be strategic in order to grab the attention of the customers, the added cost of maintaining a staff along with the fixed costs attached to a store. As someone creating art, visibility becomes essential. . The problem? Promotions and advertising burn a visible hole in your pocket.

The end result-

a compromise between achieving your dreams and the everyday struggle

As a result of the numerous problems you face in trying to create your presence, you eventually end up settling for either of these options:

  1. Working as employees with prominent, established brands: We convince ourselves that this is the best path to follow- a stable income, good infrastructure and the opportunity to gain real world exposure by working with an already established brand, having good business. Sadly, even after devoting numerous years of our lives to these workplaces, the addition to our personal growth remains negligible. Even after putting your heart and soul into your work, there is no profit sharing, no addition to your own brand value or advancement in creativity & expertise etc.
  2. An office of your own: Those of us who are lucky enough to have the necessary financial and infrastructural support, start our own stores and design studios. However, this requires a hefty amount of investment in order to pay for the fixed costs of maintain a space, hiring a team, building a clientele etc. What’s more, even after all these efforts, your designs get copied by resellers and copy editors, and you are unable to promote yourself at an international level.
  3. Working as Freelancers: In graphic design freelancing jobs or web freelance designing jobs, we are always on the lookout for opportunities, but here too online platforms and marketplaces make you grow your market through paid promotions & sponsorships. Even after investing tons of money in paid promotions and sponsorships, it takes years to carve out a niche for yourself as a graphic design freelancer or web freelance designer.

What If we told you that you have the option of a dedicated marketplace offering integrated solutions to all your operational problems, established with the sole intention of empowering designers?


Why should you choose us?

Simply because we are a marketplace of designers and artists, made for their benefit. Here’s what YOU stand to gain:

  1. The quintessential link to the practical world: Networking and gaining practical exposure is a necessity in the world of graphic and web designing. As an aggregator market place, UEPAKI provides you with a platform to connect not just with clients, but also celebrity designers and recruiters and seniors in the industry. An added advantage for students is the ease it offers when it comes to procuring internships and placements.
  2. A market place based on organic competition: We practice, preach and promote perfect competition. The Competition Cycle, our unique system of rankings/ratings is based on multiple transparent factors. We follow a strict policy of No paid promotions and Sponsorships in order to ensure that only the most meritorious get the best opportunities.
  3. Strict Copyright protocols: We understand the importance of safe-guarding your intellectual property rights. At UEPAKI, we have a strict policy of ZERO TOLERANCE when it comes to Copyright Infringement. The reproduction of someone else’s work in any form whatsoever results in direct disqualification form the platform. With us, you can safeguard your designs form resellers, copy editors and counterfeit producers. Sellers on the platform may offer their products in the physical form, and not simply as saleable designs.
  4. International Presence: We are actively expanding on an international level. Register with us to increase your presence on the international stage, not just in terms of the clients you grab, but also in terms of the wide array of skill sets that you acquire.
  5. A well-established infrastructure offering solutions to your operational problems: From interacting with your clients to showcasing your work and ideas to prospective clients, let us take care of all the allied operational problems that you have been struggling with till now. As graphic designers, the platform also gives your clients the chance to choose from a wide array of framing and handmade designed products, which will be available with the platform as well. From paintings and handicrafts to artwork made for home décor- you can sell all your products on UEPAKI.