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founder uepaki

Sahil Mittal

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sahil Mittal, the CEO and Founder of UEPAKI is certainly living his dream of being an entrepreneur, today. It was back during the MBA days when he felt the need to break the mainstream by creating something out of the box. This is when he brainstormed and curated UEPAKI, his brainchild where he has sought to create and offer a dynamic platform to the designers and artists of the country, and this is how UEPAKI came into being.

Completing his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Master’s Degree in Business Administration with core specialization in Finance and Marketing, Sahil sitting in his dorm room in the year 2018, he wished to endeavour on a path breaking journey. Drained with witnessing the ever rising dependency of companies on the golden university grades, Sahil was determined to stray away on a different path that shatters barriers.
Sahil used his creative solving capabilities to acquire a solution for individuals like him who wish to explore skills on a different field, yet lack formal training. He looks after Finance, Operations, Technology, Legal, Accounting & other key areas of management. With the fervour to propagate a fair seller oriented platform and build a core team with optimum skills and values, Sahil Mittal, the catalyst entrepreneur has set forth to redefining the new age of aggregator business.

cofounder uepaki

Charu Jain

CO-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Charu Jain is the co-founder at UEPAKI who has taken over the role as a Project Lead, Art Director while overseeing Graphic designing needs. Holding a BA in Economics & Maths & a Diploma in Graphic and Web Design, she looks after the development and marketing while enabling talented and artistic professionals to reach out to potential businesses and customers.

Driven by passion and zeal to shatter all barriers, Charu Jain has always had an entrepreneurial vision in life. She closely works with the Design Team at UEPAKI and articulates her design structures, thought processes and vision to reality. She has recently joined an interior design institute with an aim to add an additional crown to the company. With interior designing being a large facet of our organisation, Miss Jain is looking forward to incorporate the best resource and knowledge of interior designing for uplifting Uepaki. With a clear product design, well planned goals, she endeavours to visualize and put forward the best of graphical imagery while endeavouring UEPAKI on the journey to reaching beyond the ordinary.