How can UEPAKI benefit you in the long run? How are we better than all the other E- Commerce platforms?

Date : 1 month ago

Often, big brands and designers spend humongous amounts of money on their promotion – offline and online. How visible you are to the customer has a direct bearing on your market performance. Our policies of no paid promotion mean there is an equal stage and exposure for each designer and artist- regardless of their reach or name in the market or brand value.

E commerce websites often eat up a major chunk of your revenue, in terms of commission and paid promotions. Often designers are charged for the fault of the customer. Driven by their profit oriented motives, these platforms are only looking for ways to maximise their revenues- regardless of your long- term goals. They have complete control over your visibility, often favouring certain producers over the others. Having no regard for your intellectual property rights, these websites freely allow counterfeit manufacturers to sell copies of your original designs.

As a platform designed for the benefit of designers, artists and creators, our foremost objective is to help you in maximising your profits and create your own brand value, not just within the country, but also internationally. By providing an equal stage to each and every designer, artist and creator on UEPAKI, we guarantee an environment of perfect competition.