Paid promotions and Sponsored Posts are eating into your profits. Luckily, we are different.

Date : 1 month ago

While advertising your products is an important part of marketing, what really attracts your customers is the uniqueness of your designs and the conceptual clarity of the finished product.

Sadly, thanks to the influencer culture, we see designers and creators give more value to paid promotions and sponsored posts, than to promoting their actual creations.

Paid promotions might attract a specific client base for sometime- but it is only the quality of your product and the creativity in your designs that will make them recurring, loyal buyers. That is the reason that we want the designers, artists and creators who will become a part of UEPAKI to value constant improvement and betterment over momentary jazz and glitter.

At UEPAKI, we understand that there are no shortcuts to success. Our system of rating- The Competition Cycle provides live competition to all designers and artists registered on the platform, thus ensuring that only the most meritorious reap the highest benefits. What’s more, your interaction with customers will not just add to your creativity- this will also help you enlarge your skill set tremendously.