Paying obnoxious amounts to SEO professionals and for maintaining your personal websites, and still failing to convert profits? Here’s where you go wrong.

Date : 1 month ago

Yes, we know that this is the digital age. From ordering food to buying medicine, everything is now done online. With the same thought, you have already proceeded to buy a catchy domain name, create your own website. Some of us even go one step further and hire SEO professionals to ensure that our websites are the first ones to pop up on Google.

And yet, has this lead to a jump in your sales? Platforms like Shopify and Go daddy are earning revenues by letting you buy domain names off them. However, even after spending so much money buying a domain name, creating a website, you are unable to reach your customers.

Most designers who are maintain websites pay a hefty amount of money to SEO experts in order to appear on the top pages on Google. Even after spending all this money, this is not an easy task to achieve. The reason for this is that all search engines take into account multiple factors like right selection of keywords, choosing the right audience, running proper campaigns etc. when they produce results- something that E Commerce Websites use heavily to their advantage.  E Commerce Marketplaces & Well Renowned Artists will be always listed on the Google first as they bid and allot major of their earnings to get ranked at the very first, and due to this reason,  it will never be easy for you to get listed/suggested on top pages.

The same is also the case with Social Media platforms that are now converting themselves into online marketplaces, where your personal data is mined to show you products that you are most likely to buy. and generating crores of revenues by charging you for paid promotions. With hardly any options for organic marketing, the entire scenario is ruled by paid promotions and sponsorships. Simply buying a domain name and creating a website does not guarantee footfall.

When consumers search for a product, they search by the description of the particular product, not the name of particular brands. By registering on an aggregator platform, you can ensure that you are visible to your consumers. Being able to compare the products of multiple designers and artists on one single platform is something that appeals to customers as well.