The concept behind our Pre-Registration charges.

Date : 1 month ago

As a platform built for empowering designers and artists, our vision at UEPAKI is to assist all our participants in becoming self- reliant. We understand that this will require time and effort, which will require support over manufacturing, delivery partners etc.

Through pre registration, we ensure that your product reaches  each and everyone by taking a commitment that you are really enthusiastic about UEPAKI. Most importantly, only the first ten thousand designers who register will be able to participate in the first Competition Cycle.

 With  pre registration, we like to give a chance to the very first few designers who are actually confident with their art and creativity and believe in their hard-work rather than paid promotions & sponsorships by supporting us say no to it. These Designers will be able to access pre registration benefits (as a matter of their confidence and support) which will include starting 2 month free subscription and flat 25% off for next 4 months).

 We have to be very sure that we have the required dedicate support professionals ready to provide you support all the time, a commitment that you are really interested, and that the individuals registering with us are genuine designers, artists and creators.