The Reseller Market is growing tremendously- and International Brands are reaping the benefits.

Date : 1 month ago

A decade ago, the amount of international brands in India was hardly a percentage of what it is today. With brands came their counterfeits, from fake luxury brands across every aspect. What we did not realize was that by using our time, money and effort, creating products but using their brand names, we eventually contributed to the growth of already established brands.

Brand culture in India is growing at an alarming pace, thanks especially to the entire influencer movement across social media. A high price tag does not always mean the best quality- and this is something that customers today need to understand. Talented photographers and make up artists are migrating to foreign countries in order to be able to work under big banners and well known brands. Individuals in the creative fields- Fashion designers, graphic artists and interior designers prefer to be associated with foreign brands due to access to a bigger market.

Every piece of article that you manufacture includes your effort, time and thought- it is an extension of your creativity. Why let a foreign brand take the credit for all your hard work by affixing their brand’s tag onto the articles that you produce? At UEPAKI, we will help you reap the benefits of your hard work- by assisting you in not just grabbing the best opportunities, but also assisting you with offline branding and set up.