The UEPAKI Competition Cycle – A unique system for the promotion of the best!

Date : 1 month ago

We know that there is no shortage of talent in India – some of the biggest names in all creative industries are Indians. The problem? The lack of an equal stage for all. Today, there is no fair competition to allow these designers and artists to reach that stage. The Competition Cycle is how we are going to change that.

A transparent system of ratings designed to ensure that only the best designers and artists in each category get the highest amount of visibility. Each cycle will last for a period of three months, where designers and artists will be scored on multiple aspects- from the creativity of their designs to the finished products that they deliver. Designers who enroll with us will be competing with other designers in their own categories and will subsequently be promoted to higher levels. After clearing a certain level, the various designers on our platform will also be able to participate in competitions held at a global level.

The Competition Cycle is a merit based, unbiased stage. We want to equip our designers so that they are able to face real life competition at the international level. A single dedicated platform where you will be able to learn, grow, earn & attain fame. No need to dedicate your time over other social marketplaces and invest there.